Why I Only Use doTERRA





Why the heck is Alexis talking about doTERRA all of the time?

  1. I love essential oils and you’ll soon learn why if you don’t know how life changing they truly are.

I get asked often if partnering with doTERRA truly matters or do I really need to only buy from doTERRA? There are other trusted brands out there and surely doTERRA can’t be the only one with good oils, right?


The FDA does not regulate the oil industry. ONLY 3% OF AN OIL HAS TO BE PURE TO CLAIM 100% PURITY ON A BOTTLE. Meaning, if it has 3% real lavender, it can have 97% filler or crap in it…

Let’s explore why I use doTERRA, incorporate it into my business, and will only trust them when it comes to my health care in regards to oils.

1. I care deeply about living as non-toxic of a life as possible and want the highest quality products I can trust to give me real results. If I’m not using chemicals or taking medicine, what I do use and take better be just as effective as the synthetic thing or even better!

2. I want my consumption of products to be beneficial to the workers and not include slave labor or poor work environments. doTERRA has two programs I love with a passion. One is co-impact sourcing which I will touch on more later or you can read about it here. Basically co-impact sourcing means they source in countries where the plant is naturally grown to create the most potent oils possible and they come alongside the farmers and give them an annual wage, employ more workers, create exclusive contracts so they don’t have to worry about middle men, and give the farmers everything they need to succeed in their jobs.

They also have Healing Hands which just makes my heart come alive. In each community they have a farm (+ more beyond this) they create projects, buildings, programs, organizations, etc. which benefit the community and what they have specifically asked for. The oils not only help me but farmers, communities, and countries at large.

3. I want to utilize what Mother Nature 🌱 has given us in the purest and most potent form (no medicine here ❌).

4. My job is literally to help you reach an even higher level in your health wherever you are in the world with whatever budget you have with any kind of goal you have. Being able to carry around a bottle of essential oil literally in your pocket allows you to do that! Whether you’re a college student, mom of 5, fresh out of college, retired, or somewhere in between these oils are affordable and can/will help you tremendously.

 5. All of their oils are third party tested and can be checked on www.sourcetoyou.com with the white code on the bottom of the bottles. Without this testing, it’s impossible to know if an oil is 100% pure or not. Meaning, you could still be putting synthetic crap in your body.

I fudging loveeee doTERRA! It ticks all of the boxes above ☝🏼 Its the only company I’ve found that has a product that’s so pure that I know I can help anyone in the world no matter what problem they have. 

The results I’ve seen from transitioning my lifestyle and from others has literally brought me to tears. 

Imagine a life pain free. Imagine having health in your hands. Imagine reducing PMS cramps. Imagine having a first line of defense before always jumping to a doctor.

This is what doTERRA allows me to offer to people. This company is changing the health care industry. More importantly, these oils are going to change your life if they haven’t already.

So yes, I talk about doTERRA a lot. I will never stop talking about it. It’s the future.