How To Workout Consistently


You’re pumped, you’re excited, you’re ready to go.

You do it. Then again. Then again. Anndddd you stop.

Working out consistently is honestly pretty difficult. Most of us go in waves of super consistent then nothing at all. So how do we change this and actually keep on track with working out like we say we want to?

  1. Establish your why

    This is super important. If there’s no reason to workout, you’ll let your day be taken over by everything else except working out. Figure out the deep reason behind WHY you want to get in exercise.

  2. Find what works for you

    I personally love going to they gym but not everyone does. Find the method of exercise that gets you excited and you are actively looking forward to it.

  3. Schedule it out

    If you don’t put it in your schedule, it will never happen. So book it in!

  4. Change up your environment

    Switch up your environment to get you excited about your new routine. Buy some pretty workout clothes, put your workout bag in plain sight, or if you’re doing at home workouts make sure you have everything you need. Changing up your brain will help to solidify this as a habit.

  5. Have accountability

    This is crucial if you constantly switch between consistency and inconsistency. Grab a friend, a health coach (hello, that’s me), a partner, or whoever you need to hold you accountable and make sure they check in with you!

Simple. Effective. You’ve got this.

Let me know what you’re going to do to make working out a consistent habit for you.