2018 Kind of Sucked


2018. What a year.

Here’s a short recap of all that happened in my life:

I went full time in my business (Wellness With Alexis at the time).

I took a 2 week trip to Bali + Gili T.

I attempted to figure out how to work from home while living in Vietnam.

I had my 23rd birthday.

My long-term relationship ended.

I flew back to America in less than 24 hours.

I launched The Wellstyle Guide with my business partner.

We struggled with TWG but I worked my butt off.

My partner and I went our separate ways (it was all good).

I rebranded as Start With Lemon.

I moved + finally got a car again.

It has been quite the year. Not at all what I expected. But I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for following me along in this journey. For loving me and my business through everything. For letting me grow and figure out how best to serve you. For sticking around.

This year has been tough but it’s taught me resilience, loneliness, acceptance, forgiveness, passion, ambition, persistence, and so much more.

I’m grateful for 2018. I absolutely do not want to relive it and hope 2019 is far superior but I wouldn’t take it back because it has made me who I am today, as cheesy as that sounds.

It has given me you. It has let me help, teach, guide, and support you.

So thank you 2018 for sucking and for leading me to the exact place I need to be.

If you feel like 2018 wasn’t your year, welcome to the club. But I encourage you to take a moment and appreciate what it did give you and to be prepared to step into 2019 with excitement, joy, passion, ambition, and determination that nothing will stop you from accomplishing what you want. I know it’s not stopping me.

Expect bigger and better things from me and Start With Lemon in 2019. It’s going to be a great year.